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Ketchup lesson to accompany El nuevo Houdini Chapter 4

February 11, 2013

I wrote this lesson plan to go with Chapter 4 of El Nuevo Houdini (see all Houdini plans here) after Carol Gaab suggested showing a video about the making of ketchup in the Teacher's Guide for the book. And every good Spanish teacher knows that one cannot talk about ketchup without talking about Las Ketchup and their infectious dance anthem, Aserejé.

This 60 minute lesson plan, appropriate for Spanish 1-2 students, begins with a discussion about ketchup (yum! who doesn't love it?), includes a viewing guide for a 9 minute Spanish language video segment about the Heinz factory in Guadalajara, discussion questions for the video, a song lyrics sheet that includes a group biography about Las Ketchup in Spanish, two additional (optional) activities that use authentic resources: a reading about Las Ketchup and two cartoons/jokes, and complete instructions on how to put it all together.

In the meantime, you can get Asereje stuck in your head!

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