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Esperanza, Chapter 8

April 6, 2013

Discuss the before-reading discussion questions in the Teacher's Guide

Read the story aloud as students listen. As they listen, have them draw murals to map out the action and locations in this chapter.

Next, have them put their murals aside and read the chapter in a small group.

With their small group, have students complete the Esquema for Chapter 8.

Discuss the comprehension questions as a class.

Now that students have read the chapter a second time, completed the esquema with groups, and discussed comprehension questions, have them make corrections and add details to their murals.

Use the murals to give students a speaking assessment--they have to describe what is happening in their mural.

Again, we did not use the extra cultural readings and activities in the Teacher's Guide for this chapter. I am saving them for a project at the end of the book!

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