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Food Unit in Spanish

May 9, 2017

sale_720_90 Today and tomorrow (May 9-10, 2017) is the annual Teachers Pay Teachers sale, and I want to share with you some of my favorite teacher-authors so that you can stock up on materials from their stores!! While many of us sell complete units on TpT that we have created for our own classes, there is no rule that says that you have to stick to the plans exactly as we wrote them and used them in our classes. I have really enjoyed seeing how other teachers approach the same topics, and I love to purchase resources from other teachers to supplement the things that I have developed on my own. To give you an example, I've put together a 3-4 day mini FOOD UNIT for Novice learners using resources from four fantastic, CI-committed teacher-authors! Even though some of the resources come from materials that are designed for intermediate students, I was able to patch them together for a Novice unit by combining the pieces as I laid out below. As an added bonus, anyone that purchases the resources listed in these unit plans during the TpT sale (regularly available for a total of just $15.50--which gives you many, many more activities and readings than I used in the combined unit plans below) will be entered to win one of FOUR $25.00 gift cards to TeachersPayTeachers! All you need to do is purchase the resource packs from Comprendes Mendez, Teaching in Target, Somewhere to Share, and The Comprehensible Classroom (all linked below in the unit plans), and then complete THIS FORM. You will need to answer one question about each of the resources that proves that you own the product. La comida food unit plans for Spanish classes DAY ONE: Essential Question: ¿Qué te gusta comer? (What do you like to eat?)

  1. Establish meaning: come, tiene hambre, (no) me gusta
  2. No me gusta food story in Spanish for Spanish classes la comida unitRead ¡No me gusta! from The Storyteller’s Corner
  3. Hold up each card from the game (included in the ¡No me gusta! resource pack) and ask, “¿A Sofía le gusta comer ___?” to the class. Then, have students ask/respond to their shoulder partner, “¿A ti te gusta comer ___?”
  4. Build food vocabulary with Center 5 from Day 1 of ¿Comer para vivir o vivir para comer? from Somewhere to Share (students watch the movie trailer and complete the worksheet).
  5. Continue building food vocabulary with Center 1 from Day 1 of ¿Comer para vivir o vivir para comer? (healthy menu planning). Consider using the images from this Pinterest board. Instead of doing it as a Centers activity, you could print the images and hang them around the room à la Gallery Walk so that students can rotate freely through the room to plan their menus.
  6. Have students draw one food they like and one they don't like. They should label it in Spanish but not say which is which (like or dislike). for Spanish classes, levels 1 or 2Have students divide a paper in half and draw something they like to eat (from the vocab they have seen so far) on one half and something they don’t like to eat on the other half. They should label the foods with their Spanish translations but they should NOT label which one they like and which one they don’t like.
  7. Grab one paper from a student and shows it to the class. The class has to guess which food that student likes and which one s/he doesn’t like. “¿A __ le gusta comer brócoli o a __ no le gusta comer brócoli?” Then personalize the question by reflecting it to other individuals in the class. “¿A ti te gusta comer brócoli? ¿Prefieres comer brócoli o un sándwich de atún?”

DAY TWO: Essential Question: ¿Qué comidas son típicas de mi cultura? (What are typical foods from my culture?)

  1. Remind students that there are different ‘typical’ foods in each culture. Ask them, "¿Cuál es un ejemplo de una comida ‘americana’? Descríbela. ¿Qué ingredientes contiene? ¿Te gusta o no te gusta?” If you have students with strong ties to other cultures, ask them to share: “¿Cuál es una comida típica [coreana]?” and ask the same follow-up questions.
  2. Ask students, "¿Los sándwiches de queso son una comida típica americana? ¿Tú comes sandwiches de queso?" 
  3. Read & act out the Kraft singles story from Five Spanish Commercials activities. Teacher narrates; depending on the vocab that your students have already learned, you might adapt some of the wording as you narrate (commercials activities from Placido Language Resources)
  4. Watch & complete the CLOZE passage for the Singles de Kraft commercial (from the commercials activities pack).
  5. Tell students, “Vamos a escuchar una canción. La canción se llama Mexicana y menciona muchas comidas típicas de México. Es una canción de Barrio Zumba. Antes de escuchar la canción, vamos a leer la biografía de Barrio Zumba.
  6. Read and respond to the questions on the biography of Barrio Zumba page (from Mexicano de Barrio Zumba from the Comprendes Mendez Spanish Shop)
  7. Have students listen to Mexicano by Barrio Zumba while they complete the CLOZE lyrics page.

DAY THREE: Essential Question: ¿Cómo es la comida mexicana y cómo influye en mi dieta?

  1. Read "La Comida Mexicana" (from the Mexicano de Barrio Zumba resource pack) & match the Spanish descriptions of foods named in the song with the English name for the food.
  2. Reference the foods and their listed ingredients from the reading as you discuss the question, "¿Qué comida mexicana te gustaría comer? ¿Qué comida mexicana no te gustaría comer? ¿Qué ingredientes te gustan más? ¿Qué ingredientes no te gustan?"
  3. Read & discuss one of the two articles from “Sabor latino de la dieta americana” (from Latin invasion in traditional american diet by The Comprehensible Classroom - also included in the SOMOS 1 Unit 8: La comida latina unit plans).

PREPARE FOR THIS UNIT AND WIN A GIFT CARD! Purchase these four units and then complete this form to be entered to win one of four $25 gift cards to TpT! Entries must be received by Thursday, May 11, 2017 at midnight AKDT, and winners will be notified within a few days! Remember--these products are on sale for two days only (May 9-10), so grab them before the sale ends to get the best deal! 

Mexicano by Barrio Zumba song activities for Spanish classes food unit la comida

comer para vivir o vivir para comer unit for Spanish classes comida

five commercials in Spanish for spanish classes

sabor latino de la dieta americana reading in Spanish for Spanish classes la comida unit

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