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How to: Tutorials for Acquisition Driven Instruction

September 30, 2013

Teachers can't keep anything that they've learned to themselves. It is in their very nature to teach what they know. As I have become a student of Teaching with Comprehensible Input (TPRS being one of the methods that I use), I have also become a teacher of Teaching with Comprehensible Input and TPRS. When you know something incredible, you can't help but share it!

Here are some resources that I have created for teachers interested in honing their skills in TPRS and other CI methodologies:

TEACHING PROFICIENCY IS REALLY SIMPLE: A blog series for teachers that desire to learn more about comprehension based methods of language teaching.

DIP YOUR TOES IN CI: A blog series for teachers wishing to test the Comprehension Based waters

Learn which strategies are most essential for student success in a comprehension based classroom, where comprehensible input is king!

ESSENTIAL STRATEGIES FOR COMPREHENSION BASED TEACHERS: Tutorials to help you practice some of the key strategies for success in Comprehension Basedâ„¢ instructional strategies.

Watch demonstrations of teachers using TPRS, MovieTalk, and more!

DEMOS: See some demos and read explanations of basic techniques

MOVIETALK: Learn about this awesome method, developed by Dr. Ashley Hastings and championed by Michele Whaley, and view a demo

RECOMMENDED READING: Blog posts from other bloggers that have impacted my teaching practice and that I am confident will benefit you, as well!

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