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5 Word Puzzles in Spanish

Multi level
11 Pages

This PDF contains five word problems (riddles, logic problems) in Spanish. The word problems are written in Spanish for beginning learners, and four of the five printable worksheets contain a complete glossary for ease of interpretation. Solutions are provided for each puzzle.


  • The readings were a fun activity in so many ways. Full of cognates and a different way to engage my students after a long day!

    Audrey R.
  • I am using this resource 1x weekly with my Span 1 students to get them into reading in the target language. Also employing the CC strategy of Volleyball Translation to increase their comprehension. [Gracias TCC]. Kids loved the puzzle part of the exercise. I love that they loved it!

  • I used these as a bellringer once per week over five weeks in my level II class, and it was a nice change of pace from current topics in class while still working in the TL. They were very comprehensible for all students.

    Ronald K.
  • I used this as a fun way for students to work together in small teams at the beginning of the year to help build classroom culture and an ethic of problem-solving and cooperation. It got students talking and interacting. 

    Soy Profe
  • Great little starters. Used this during Spanish Language Week at my school, giving kids a challenge each day and drawing an entry for a prize out of the correct entries. Kids had a lot of fun with it.

    Kerri W.



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