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Logic Puzzles | tiene - puede - es de

A logic puzzle targeting tiene, puede, es de

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
6 Pages

This set of two easy logic puzzles gives students repetitions of the target structures 'tiene hermanos/hijos', 'puede hablar', and 'es de'.


  • Very engaging and comprehensible! Great for fast finishers =)

    Krysti Bowerman
  • Students worked with partners to figure out the answers to the puzzles

    Jennifer H.
  • I have used these logic puzzles as choice for students on days when for some reason the day is short or half of the class is not present. Some students love the challenge and ask for more, others no so much. I love being able to offer these type of choices that allow for more practice of structures in a different format. 

    Patricia S.
  • I love the way these puzzles work for reading comprehension. They are fun and only require short readings. The kids are struggling with the process, but they enjoy them.

    Amanda B.
  • I enjoyed using this with my Spanish 3 students as a simple way to provide more exposure/review to the target terms as a quick activity of those terms before we took our final.

    Srta Burger

Logic Puzzles | tiene - puede - es de


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