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¿Qué significa afrolatino? definition and puzzle 2386888 1

¿Qué significa afrolatino? | Wordoku Puzzle

A Wordoku puzzle to learn about what Afrolatino means during Black History Month

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Multi level

This product contains a simplified definition of the term 'Afrolatino' as a projectable reading and a Wordoku puzzle. It is comprehensible to first year Spanish students.


  • The rebus style paragraph made the reading comprehensible and fun to decipher, like a puzzle, instead of a bunch of unknown words. 

    Elizabeth B.
  • I am using this resource to read one short biography a day during the month of February. The biographies are interesting and easy to read and are giving students a different perspective while learning Spanish.

  • My students loved using the resources in this bundle! We used it during Black History Month and students enjoyed learning about Afro Latinos around the world.

    Betty F.
  • This was the perfect resource to use during Black History month! Teaching my students about Afro-Latinos had me a little nervous, but your resource was the perfect thing! It had everything I needed and more! Thank you, you helped me teach on something I had never taught on before! Super pleased with this resource! 

    Mel D.
  • I have used this for several years no and a lot of students have fun with it and enjoy the Sudoku-style learning. Others find it takes too much thinking -ha! In any case, they are learning valuable vocabulary pertaining to Afrolatinos. Thank you so much.

    Annette H.

¿Qué significa afrolatino? | Wordoku Puzzle


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