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Afrolatinos Notables Spanish 20 Biographies Cover 2989804 1

20 Afrolatinos notables | SPANISH

23 notable Afro-latinos with a picture and a brief biography in comprehensible Spanish

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
25 Pages

This product features 23 notable Afro-latinos from diverse career fields: entertainment, politics, journalism, and more. Most--but not all--are US citizens. Most are alive but some are deceased.

Each Afro-latino is featured on a slide (PDF and PPT versions available) with a picture and a brief biography in Spanish that is understandable to first year students. THE BIOGRAPHIES ARE WRITTEN IN SPANISH, NOT ENGLISH!! Please be aware when purchasing.


  • 23 brief biography slides in Spanish (Google Slides, Editable)
  • Mini-card, printable versions of each slide
  • 2 Grudgeball games (each one with 20 questions that feature 10 of the figures) (Google Slides, Editable)
  • Suggested uses for the biographies
  • Reflection card that students can use to record information about each figure and connect him or her to their own lives.
  • Quiz Quiz Trade question cards in Spanish with an answer key

The intended purpose for the slides is to display and read together one biography during each class day of Black History Month, although there are endless possibilities for classroom use.


  • Great way for my students to learn about people from the culture that they are studying. Students read information aloud and translated it, and I did PQA.

    Aileen F.
  • I use these biographies in so many different ways! I have used them for notes, bellringers, and my favorite - as part of a door decorating contest! I love being able to celebrate Black History Month in a way that is relevant to my content area! My students also get very excited to learn about people they have and haven't heard of before.

    K Adams
  • I used this as a gallery walk/ scavenger hunt. Very accessible vocabulary. I did take a few people out of the collection when I used this because they might be controversial…

    Leap into World Languages
  • My students enjoyed this very much. We posted it in the hallway and did a gallery walk. The awesome thing about this was that other students who would come down the hallway would look at it as well and even got to enjoy it. You could hear them say stuff like "Hey I understand what some of that says"

    Valeria F.
  • This is one of the very best resources I have bought from TPT!!! Everything about it is wonderful! Everyone seemed to enjoy learning about the various Afro Latinos presented. As I presented each, I asked who knew of the person, and when nobody did, it seemed to pique students' interest. When we got to someone the students knew, they got a kick out of learning something new about the individual. In all of my years of teaching, I have never see a resource turn a student around. But this year I had a student who did not participated much in class. She perked up and became engaged once this unit began. The student later told me that she loved this unit because it focused on her heritage. She became a new student, one who participated eagerly in class. It was remarkable!!!

    Michele M.

20 Afrolatinos notables | SPANISH


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