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1 Tener people search2 Tener people search3 Tener people search4

Tener People Search

A communicative activity with two versions

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2), Multi level
3 Pages

This file contains two versions of a basic people hunt for Spanish 1 that targets the verb "tener". It also includes a suggested lesson plan. 

  • Thanks -perfect for learning tengo, tienes and tiene

    Terri Z.
  • This is a great for practicing Tener with simple nouns! Thanks

    Karen W.
  • I found this resource to be very useful. My students loved using this resource. They were engaged.

    Angie Garcia
  • I am always needing activities for my students to practice their speaking. Some are too complicated, others are just plain boring. This one is just perfect! My students enjoyed talking to each other and they learned so much more! Thanks Martina!

    Laura Shible

Tener People Search


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