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J'aime Communicative Lesson for Level 1 8461750 1 Jaime previews6 Jaime previews7 Jaime previews8

Embedded reading and communicative activity for French 1

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
9 Pages

This file contains a 1 to 2 day lesson plan that introduces students to the structure "j'aime __". It includes:

  • instructions for introducing the structures to students
  • a three-level embedded reading that targets the structures 'j'aime __' and 'il/elle aime __", provided as a 24 page slideshow and a 24 page mini-booklet.
  • instructions for reading and discussing the embedded reading
  • instructions for a communicative game to practice the structures
  • name cards with scripts (designed to be printed 2-sided) for students to use during the activity
  • a list of common words and cognates for each letter of the alphabet to aid in preparation for the activity
  • a suggestion for a follow-up activity

The communicative activity in the file can be used to practice...

  • Introducing yourself and others (se appeller)
  • The verb 'aimer'
  • Cognates
  • The verb 'commencer' (begins)
  • Using a French-English dictionary
  • Or simply to learn names!!

I recommend teaching this lesson plan after the four-day unit "On dit" or playing the game with any new group of students, regardless of the level of French.

  • I'm really happy with this resource. It is indeed simple but really helps out in structuring your class.

    Lixiao W.
  • This was a fun first day of school activity to use for a name game with simple vocabulary. 

    Tanya V.
  • I look forward to using this lesson every year. Students enjoy it and it builds community as they get to know one another better. 

    Ashley Chrisman
  • I used this resource after completing "On dit" (as suggested), and it was successful. Easy to implement, engaging, and completely comprehensible for students. Looking forward to the release of more French materials! 

    Holley F.
  • Always great to have more resources ready when you need them - this is one of those! Happy to have it at the ready with my novice kids. Has been supre helpful on "those days"

    Melanie Tupaj



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