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Mi Casa Embrujada Running Dictation Game 9588791 1 En mi casa2 En mi casa3 En mi casa4

Running dictation featuring house and home vocabulary.

Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF

Your house and home unit will never be the same!

This resource will provide you with an easy to implement, acquisition-focused lesson to drop into any textbook unit. Students will learn the rooms of the home with the high frequency verb "hay" as they work in teams to complete an Information Gap-style Running Dictation.

After reviewing the correct answers, the teacher reveals that the floor plans belong to a haunted house! The teacher leads the class in a Picture Talk sequence to discover what creepy creatures are lurking in and under various pieces of furniture in the home.

The materials are stored in a Google Drive folder that is accessed via a clickable link in the product download.

  • I find teaching rooms in a house to be really boring, but this makes it super fun and engaging!

    Carla Z.
  • My students loved this to learn about the house! What a great unit!

    Laura Penhollow
  • This activity is exactly what we needed to finish the school year strong ! It captures and maintains their attention while helping me continue to keep us on track academically until the last day. I appreciate and value your time, talents and dedication to helping us accomplish the seemingly impossible. ยก Muchas Gracias y Buen Verano !

    Stephanie Portillo
  • Running Dictation Activities are a big favorite in my classroom and when I saw that this product included dictation, vocabulary and a haunted house I jumped on it!

    Tara G.
  • FANTASTIC way to introduce new vocab! I would love more of these! Thank you for creating and sharing!

    L B

En mi casa Running Dictation


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