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Una semana memorable | Communicative Activity

Find someone who activity in the preterite tense

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

This activity starts out as “Find Someone Who”, in which students are meandering around the room (possibly using the Stand-up/Hand-up/Pair-up structure) and interviewing classmates about things that they did last week. All of the verbs are regular preterite -ar verbs in Spanish. A classmate may sign on the line that precedes a question if she or her can answer the question with a ‘yes’. The interviewer should then ask the follow-up questions listed in order to get a little more information.

After most students have their sheets mostly completed, have students return to their seats and write to report what they learned about their classmates. The result should be a short story or report on something that a classmate did last week, which can then be shared with the class for a great start to a fun class discussion.

The materials are in Spanish, instructions are in English.

  • Used this with my classes! It was great practice for them to first write, then speak, listen, and respond. Practices multiple points of view which is great for their verbal practice.

    Christina T.
  • Great additional resource to use with the preterite that will get students interacting.

    Steven B.
  • My students love interviewing each other. So getting up and talking in spanish to their peers is once of their favorite activities.

    Laura B.
  • Good scaffolding resource that allows students to move around room before completing writing activity

    Jennifer H.
  • My students enjoyed this activity. I love the minimal time required on my end to use it in class. Great resource! Thanks! 

    Jennifer N.

Una semana memorable | Communicative Activity


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