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Get started with acquisition driven instruction with this starter pack

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When teachers make the switch to comprehension based methods of language instruction instead of traditional grammar-and-vocabulary driven lessons, they need a new 'wardrobe'! Out with the old worksheets and systems, and in with the new! If you are preparing to make this switch, this bundle is for you.


  • La persona especial / Estrella del día 50+ question slides
  • Si yo fuera... discussion prompt
  • Discussion questions for stories
  • Today's date


  • Independent Textivities
  • MORE Independent Textivities


  • Free Write forms with rubrics
  • 1-3-10 Free Write
  • BINGO Free Write
  • Universal screener
  • Story frames


  • Zombies sub plans
  • Storyboard sub pack #1


  • 20 Brain Break cue slides in Spanish
  • I am a first-year high-school Spanish teacher and using CI for the first time as well. These resources have made my start in this job so much easier! Thank you!

    Violeta Laura N.
  • Really great "starter kit" for a teacher transitioning to C.I. It takes the stress away from planning a lesson and provides balance while getting used to the new style. I highly recommend it for departments that want to go in that direction but have some teachers that are unsure

    Kristin K.
  • This is a great starter pack that I needed as I transitioned from traditional grammar/textbook teaching into Comprehensible Input this school year. It's great, thanks!

    Alyssa B.
  • This is such an awesome bundle and I couldn't pass it up! It has everything for stories and even sub plans!

    Kelsie M.
  • So many great resources to pick and choose from. We purchased in the middle of the school year when we were looking for new ways to engage students and this was perfect!

    Jessica A.

Comprehension Based Teaching Starter Pack | Spanish

$50.00 $61.50
$50.00 $61.50

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