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Quelle est la date d' aujourd'hui 8497477 1 Date2 Date3 Date4

Quelle est la date d’aujourd’hui

Opening Routine for French Classes
Multi level, Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive
4 Pages

This editable slideshow will help you to guide your class in establishing the date each day. Stating the date can be a daily routine, or you can use it from time to time as a filler activity or before writing the date on activity sheets.

To use this slideshow, the teacher must edit the slideshow -BEFORE USE- in class that day. This takes less than a minute! A video tutorial is included to show what text boxes must be edited.

In class, the teacher clicks through each animation on the slideshow as a prompt for establishing the month, the date, the day of the week, and then putting it all together. A few more clicks compares today's date to what yesterday's date was and what tomorrow's date will be.


  • Editable slideshow (4 slides)
  • Video tutorial for editing the slideshow


  • My students enjoyed using this resource. It is quick and easy to adjust to cover various topics or levels as needed. I can cruise or take a little bit of time depending on the class needs.

    Fiorella N.
  • I use this every day and the students are learning how to say the months, the days of the week and the numbers 1 thru 31. Thank you!

    Joanna O.
  • I am very happy with this resource! I've shied away from CalendarTalk before, but this offers a relatively quick way to incorporate it each day, and the slides are so easy to edit.

    Andrea G.
  • I love how easy this resource is to use and the fact that it is easily editable. I use this at the beginning of each class.

    Margie M.
  • Amazing resource! It is quite simple but really useful for the classroom and most importantly, takes some of the mental weight from you.

    Lixiao W.
  • Thanks for the ready made help to keep "calendar talk" and our daily routines "fresh" (and not the exact same every single day).

    Melanie T.

Quelle est la date d’aujourd’hui


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