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La personne spéciale / La star du jour | 50+ projectable interview questions

These 50+ projectable interview questions are the perfect starting point for implementing La personne spéciale / La Star Du Jour! 

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Multi level
75 Pages

Wanting to implement "La personne spéciale / La star du jour" in your French classes this year? This set of 50+ questions is the perfect starting point!

The questions address these five areas

  • Basic personal information
  • Interests
  • Abilities & Identity
  • Travel
  • The future


A 70-slide presentation including multiple versions of several questions (some with visual support, some with text only). Slideshow is included in PDF and PPT formats and is compatible with Google Slides.

  • Instructions for conducting La star du jour / Special person interviews in your classes
  • Suggested follow-up activities
  • A "La star et moi" worksheet to use as follow-up and strengthen connections between students
  • A printable "La star du jour" certificate

These materials were translated into French by Blair Richards.

Click here to get the Spanish Special Person materials!


  • These slides are amazing. I have used them as is and added my own. This year I used the basic format to create special person daily routine edition, and I basically taught the daily routine unit nearly 100% in the format of of special person interviews, notetaking, and quizzes. The students love talking/learning/reading/writing about themselves and their classmates.

    Amanda P.
  • I was surprised how much my students liked doing special person interviews. I tried doing them on my own - writing words on the board to aid in comprehension and trying to think of questions on the fly - but I found these slides made the experience much more engaging and rewarding.

    Staci H
  • I loved how easy it is to understand this. My students loved this. It was engaging and interesting to them. Thank you for creating this low prep activity! It hepld a lot with communication!

    Abish L.
  • So, I kept telling myself I was just going to save my money and stop buying things, that I did not need this. Well, I caved and I'm soooo glad I did!! This is a very comprehensive and engaging slideshow with a variety of special person questions scaffolded for different levels. My favorite part is that it is editable so I can delete or add more questions or include more or less help for my students. I recommend this to everyone doing or wishing to do special person interviews. Oh, and my students like the certificate for being the star of the day!

    Teach Outside the Book
  • I find la personne spéciale to be a very effective tool to get students to speak. I even used this resource to get my students to speak to visiting students from France.

    Liliana P.

La personne spéciale / La star du jour | 50+ projectable interview questions


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