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Brain Breaks | French

20+ cue slides and instructions for brain breaks in French

Multi level
Google Drive
41 Pages

Make quick brain breaks a regular part of your classes! 

This product features 20 QUICK AND EASY brain breaks. For each brain break, there is a cue slide (in French) and a separate instructions slide (for the teacher to reference).

Cue slides can be copied and pasted into any slideshow that you use in class--PDF, PPT, and Google Slides versions are included!

To see examples of the brain breaks used, please click here.

This slideshow was adapted for French by Blair Richards.

  • I love doing these quick brain breaks with students. Having these beautiful slides to put into my lessons to remind me to do the brain breaks is very helpful. All of Comprehensible Classrooms materials are so visually appealing.

    Melissa K.
  • I've always wondered how to implement brain breaks. I especially need them in my AP Spanish Language and Literature classes. These are perfect to help my students move and take a mental break.

    Patricia M.
  • My students really enjoyed these games. I even used the counting game during a field day break in middle school. It went over so well!

    Stephanie M.
  • It's nice to be able to give students a chance to rest their minds without completing stepping away from the target language.

    Amy P.
  • These are great for a break during class. I have used a variety of these and my students have started to ask if it is time to do a BRAIN BREAK activity.

    Suzanne K.
  • I couldn't have come up with these on my own! I knew it was important to have breaks in class, but probably never would have integrated them without this resource.

    E Whitney S.

Brain Breaks | French


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