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Jours de gratitude | Gratitude Journal in French

A resource to help students journal their gratitude over 14 days

Multi level
Google Drive
28 Pages

Create a culture of gratitude in your French class!

Print and copy one, 14-page journal for each of your students OR assign a digital version via Slides! Start class each day in November talking about what you are grateful for, or sprinkle these prompts throughout the year! Each day focuses on a different kind of thing to be grateful for; for example:

  • a person
  • a place
  • a color
  • a memory
  • an activity

Students illustrate their response to the prompt, then they answer some simple questions (in French) to reflect on it further. We recommend using it as a discussion prompt for the beginning of each class day in November!

Alternatively, the pages can be printed single-sided and distributed as half-page, single copies– perfect if you only have time to do this activity once or twice during the month!

Includes digital version of each journal page!


  • This is the perfect resource to use in November to get through those days leading up to Thanksgiving break. Students enjoy it and are engaged because they are talking about themselves and their lives.

    Ashley Chrisman
  • This is a nice, relatively relaxing way to spend the days before Thanksgiving break and send the students off in the right frame of mind.

    Amy P.
  • Used this for the month of November as BellRingers leading up to Thanksgiving. A really nice way to set the attitude of gratitude in the classroom. Nice to promote positive SEL as well. Merci

    Lesley J.
  • We used it for the month of October as bell work each day. It was a little difficult for some of my core students, but most of them were able to do it. 

    Julia B.

Jours de gratitude | Gratitude Journal in French


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