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Basic biographies of 10 influential Afro-descendent individuals in French

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)

This product features one-page, easy to understand, basic biographies of 10 influential Afro-descendent individuals. The biographies are written in simple French and are intended to be comprehensible to first year French students and beyond. The kind of information shared about each figure is similar so that students benefit from the natural repetition of vocabulary across all biographies. Some words are footnoted to support comprehension.

Each biography is accompanied by a one-page worksheet with 10 True/False questions--in French--about the reading. Answer keys are included.

  • This makes an excellent addition to my FVR library.

    Amy P.
  • My students loved these readings! It's a great way to provide them with more culturally diverse input in the language

    Monica Dahlberg
  • I have been waiting for the CC to come out with this resource in French as my colleague uses the Spanish version in her classes. It was so easy to print and use immediately in the classroom and students enjoy reading about the various people. Merci!

    Ashley Chrisman
  • This is a fantastic resource to expose students to more of the Francophone world. There's enough variety to have students read through the texts individually, in pairs or in groups. The texts are comprehensible, but also serve to introduce some new vocabulary as well.


Des Afro-descendants Francophones Notables


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