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5 Non Fiction Texts for Spanish Learners in 3 different levels of complexity with actvities

Multi level

Mix & Match the resources from this FlexTexts set that gives you ultimate flexibility in connecting your students with stories in Spanish that will interest them and are an appropriate challenge for their interpretive ability!

This set includes FIVE non-fiction stories:

  • Ovejas en las calles de Madrid - works with vocabulary through SOMOS 1 Unit 2
  • La Llamingada: una carrera de llamas en los Andes - works with vocabulary through SOMOS 1 Unit 2 
  • Una chica hace historia en el fútbol americano - works with vocabulary through SOMOS 1 Unit 11
  • El Biblioavión - works with vocabulary through SOMOS 1 Unit 19
  • Facundo Cabral - works with vocabulary through SOMOS 2 Unit 3

Each article is provided in THREE levels of text complexity, for a total of 15 texts included in this purchase! Provide each student with all three levels of the story to read in sequence, or differentiate by providing different students with the level of the story that best matches their interpretive reading ability in Spanish.

Each level of the article is accompanied by a one-page, simple reading comprehension activity (15 activities total).

Each text + activity is provided as both a PRINTABLE PDF and DIGITAL GOOGLE SLIDESresource, so that you can be ready for whatever this school year brings!


  • 15 texts (5 articles x 3 versions/article)
  • 15 activities
  • Printable version of all texts + activities
  • Digital assignment version of all texts + activities
  • Instructions & Teaching tips
  • A few authentic resource/extension suggestions
  • Great for reading activities with my students online. I have them turn in responses or reading comprehension, etc. through my school's online learning platform. They LOVE the non-fiction topics from other parts of the world! Thank you. 

    Storybook SLP
  • My students love reading short stories, and they are amazed at how much Spanish they have acquired in such a short amount of time!

    Srta Connors
  • I love giving students short texts to read in Spanish. They are able to see how much they know and how much they have learned!

    Lisa B.
  • The stories are engaging with good follow-up activities. I also love that there are three different levels available. Thank you!

    Matthew V.
  • These are great for all levels of Spanish. I teach 5 levels, so this saves me so much time and my students were very engaged.

    Laura Penhollow

Flex Texts Set 1


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