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These slides can be used for break breaks, bellringers, bulletin boards or free reading materials!

Multi level
Google Drive, PDF
56 Pages

This product contains 28 "Hoy en la historia" slides in Spanish; one for each day of February.

Each slide describes four events: three events that happened on that day in history, and one event that contains a factual error. All events are written in simple Spanish. Students should read all four events and then guess which one is the "Intruder"; the event that contains a factual error.

These slides can be used as a Brain Break tournament, a Bellringer, a Bulletin Board, or Free Reading material for your classes.

An answer key is included for each slide (a slide that reveals which event is erroneous.


  • My students and I LOVE the Hoy en la Historia sets! We use them to start off each class and see which pod of students can get the most correct answers throughout the month. The kids love the competition, and they are learning a lot about history and the language!

    Proficiency and Paletas
  • These are fun resources for reinforcing the preterit and sometimes imperfect tenses, and for learning history. 

    Theresa F.
  • My students LOVE this activity! They get disappointed when we don't get to do it!

    Ruth M.
  • I used this with a second semester Spanish II class. They really loved guessing which historical events were true and which was the lie. We used it as a bell-ringer and winning groups earned candy. However, the language was not on-level for them and I would recommend this for at least a very proficient Spanish III class or above.

    Faythe D.

Hoy en la historia: Febrero


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