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These slides can be used for break breaks, bellringers, bulletin boards or free reading materials!

Multi level
Google Drive
60 Pages

This product contains 31 "Hoy en la historia" slides; one for each day of October.

Each slide describes four events: three events that happened on that day in history, and one event that contains a factual error. All events are written in simple Spanish. Students should read all four events and then guess which one is the "Intruder"; the event that contains a factual error.

These slides can be used as a Brain Break tournament, a Bellringer, a Bulletin Board, or Free Reading material for your classes.

An answer key is included for each slide (a slide that reveals which event is erroneous.


  • So so so creative!!! My students love starting the day with one of these! 

    Kimberly T.
  • An excellent way to introduce students to the past tense and learn about history. These were great starters. Thanks again for providing such great resources!

    Ruth G.
  • This is a great activity to use as a bell ringer.

    Tammy S.
  • I love that these serve many purposes. The use of cognates makes them very comprehensible. They are also a good introduction to/means to practice the preterit and sometimes imperfect tenses. And of course, some interesting historical events are presented. I will continue to purchase each month's

    Theresa F.
  • What I LOVE about this resource is that it incorporates so many parts of the language: review of numbers in random order, cognates, applicable vocabulary. cross-curricular studies, etc. Also, my students look forward to this!!!! I will be using this resource repeatedly! Thank you, Martina, for creating this! So worth the cost!

    Ruth M.

Hoy en la historia: Octubre


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