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If I Were Conditional Clause English prompts Cover 9615433 1 Original 9615433 2 Original 9615433 3 Original 9615433 4
Conditional Clause Discussion Prompts in English
English (ELL/ESL/ELD)
Multi level
15 Pages

Whether you are working with if clauses or looking for ways to unshelter grammar in your early levels of English, these imaginative discussion prompts will provide interesting content to talk about and scaffold student expression and interpretation.

This product features:

  • 12 slides that ask "if you were a ______, would you be...?"
  • A one-page handout version of the 12 slides
  • A second version of the handout that doesn't offer options (for open-ended conversation)
  • Ideas for implementation

Spend a single class period discussing all of the slides, or discuss one slide per day over an extended time period.

If I were...


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