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One Word Image Imagination Lab (OWI) | French

An interactive presentation to help you create characters (OWI's) with your students!

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive
60 Pages
50 minutes

Interested in creating a One Word Image (OWI) with your students in French class, but intimidated by the process? The OWI Imagination Lab is an interactive Google Slides presentation that is designed to be used in class with your students. The slideshow walks you through the creation of an OWI character (a food, an object, or an animal). Each slide presents a new detail to add to the character's description, along with several options. For example:

  • SIZE: Is it big? Small? How big? How small?
  • PERSONALITY: Is it nice? Mean? Solitary? Sociable?
  • BODY PARTS: Does it have legs? Arms? Eyes? How many?
  • ...and more!

TWO Interactive Slideshows are provided: one with masculine pronouns used throughout and one with neutral pronouns. The Interactive slideshow should be used in Google Slides or converted to Microsoft Powerpoint, and each clickable image is linked to other pages within the presentation. Each presentation includes 60 slides and it is not simple to edit. A detailed Instructions document explaining how to use the interactive presentation with your students is also included.


The OWI Imagination Lab is designed to support teachers in learning how to create a One Word Image (OWI) with their classes. Once you have used it several times to create OWIs with your students, my hope is that you will feel confident enough to guide your students through the creation of an OWI without the support of the presentation.


OWI is an activity created by Ben Slavic that I learned from Michele Whaley and Kristin Dahl. I was inspired to create this presentation after watching Cécile Lainé demonstrate an OWI.

  • I love the format of this resource! It is extremely interactive and easy for students to understand. A great way to create characters that can later be used in class stories. 

    Ashley Chrisman
  • It was a great way to review class story asking expectations in my classroom with a structured format. The students enjoyed the characters they created and liked reading about each class' characters the next day, and seeing the drawings they came up with. I will use this again and again.

    Madame Potter
  • Loved using this slide show to create OWIs. This activity has always felt a bit intimating to to me, and the slides deck here gave me the confidence I needed to create some very fun characters with my students. 

    Lesley J.
  • Excellent resource. Well-designed and quite complete. It made my first time doing an OWI feel relaxing. I'd love a version in English for my ESL classes. Or in German. In any case, wonderful resource.

    Lixiao W.
  • My students enjoyed creating their character. I find it helpful as a novice CI teacher to have some guidance with the OWI until I am more comfortable with it. 

    Erin G.

One Word Image Imagination Lab (OWI) | French


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