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One Word Image Imagination Lab (OWI) VERSION 2

Includes new options so that your class can easily come up with a totally different character!

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
65 Pages

Did you LOVE using the original OWI Imagination Lab, and you're ready for more no-prep fun?

The OWI Imagination Lab Version 2 (v.2) follows the same format as the original presentation, but includes new options so that your class can easily come up with a totally different character!

  • TYPE: animal, object, or vehicle
  • SIZE: Is it big? Small? How big? How small?
  • ...and more!

The OWI Imagination Lab is an interactive Google Slides presentation that is designed to be used in class with your students. The slideshow walks you through the creation of an OWI character (a food, an object, or an animal). Each slide presents a new detail to add to the character's description, along with several options.

The Interactive Slideshow should be used in Google Slides or converted to Microsoft Powerpoint, and each clickable image is linked to other pages within the presentation. This presentation includes 60 slides and it is not simple to edit. A detailed Instructions document explaining how to use the interactive presentation with your students is also included.


The OWI Imagination Lab is designed to support teachers in learning how to create a One Word Image (OWI) with their classes. Once you have used it several times to create OWIs with your students, my hope is that you will feel confident enough to guide your students through the creation of an OWI without the support of the presentation.


OWI is an activity created by Ben Slavic that I learned from Michele Whaley and Kristin Dahl. I was inspired to create this presentation after watching Cécile Lainé demonstrate an OWI.

  • Great resource to build up writing skills. Developing a character then a storyline with this resource. Use it again as student make their own creatures and stories.

    La Llama Rosada
  • Simplifies this activity esp w/a group that needs a more "firm hand" or just needs us to move at a faster pace (harder to work w/in person sometimes for a lot of reasons). Well thought out, engaging, and truly makes this activity work better w/all groups. Merci!

    Melanie Tupaj
  • Great resource! I have always struggled with keeping it in bounds during OWI but my 8th graders loved making class characters with this resource.

    K Adams
  • This activity is perfect of a brain break or warm up. It sparks students imagination and they learn a lot of words just by repetition and engaging in the creative process. 

    Daniela Ariza
  • My students liked the first one, so I got the 2nd one! It's fun to use, and I like how it support comprehension with visuals. 


One Word Image Imagination Lab (OWI) VERSION 2


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