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Embedded reading and communicative activity for Spanish 1

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
9 Pages

Learn how me gusta is used by reading and using it in context!

This resource contains a 1 to 2 day lesson plan that introduces students to the structure "me gusta/n __". It includes:

  • instructions for introducing the structures to students
  • a three-level embedded reading that targets the structures 'me gusta/n__' and 'le gusta/n __", provided as a 24 page slideshow and a 24 page mini-booklet.
  • instructions for reading and discussing the embedded reading
  • instructions for a communicative game to practice the structures
  • name cards with scripts (designed to be printed 2-sided) for students to use during the activity
  • a list of common words and cognates for each letter of the alphabet to aid in preparation for the activity
  • a suggestion for a follow-up activity

The communicative activity in the file can be used to practice...

  • Introducing yourself and others (llamarse)
  • The verb 'gustar'
  • Cognates
  • The verb 'empieza' (begins)
  • Using a Spanish-English dictionary
  • Or simply to learn names!!

Try teaching this lesson plan after Somos 1 Unit 1 or playing the game with any new group of students, regardless of the level of Spanish.

  • I like this resource due to the activities suggested that got me to try new things. I love the comprehensibility of the slides and activities. I use this once students have learned the Dice and Wildebeest units, and before the Corre unit.

    Espanol con Emily
  • I love the versatility of this resource- I can use it to introduce gustar to my students, to reinforce, or to review. My students loved being able to share with each other and I loved that they were communicating right away!

    Jennifer P.
  • Well...better late than never to write the review! I have been using this early on in Spanish 1 for years now! It really allows the kids to get "Me gusta & le gusta" down pat! This year I will follow another's advice and break my class into smaller groups so it doesn't take as long and restless kids won't get bored awaiting their turn. Still...It's a hit!! Gracias:)

    Karen W.
  • Kids really enjoyed it. Used at the beginning of they year when we were describing ourselves and sharing our likes/dislikes

    Terwill S.
  • Loved the slides! My students liked the part of the activity where they picked an object that matched with the first letter of their first name along with the drawing. Things slowed down (and student attention waned) when students started introducing themselves and then the next person in the circle. With 26 students in a class, after the first class period, I switched up this activity to place students in groups of 4 and they did this portion of the lesson in small groups. Would love an embedded reading to complete this unit.

    Janine C.

¿Qué te gusta?


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