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Tesoro Membership

Offer your Spanish teachers the maximum level of flexibility. Access resources to differentiate instruction based on teaching style and student needs.

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Teach for proficiency

Learners require exposure to communicatively-embedded comprehensible input in order to build proficiency. No matter which curriculum you use, Tesoro resources will fill your class periods with the kind of communicative input that moves students forward on their path to proficiency.

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Find reading material, games, cultural activities, and authentic resource-based materials for any topic or theme. Our instructional resources are aligned to state, national, and international standards and will make it easy for teachers in your district to implement proficiency-based language instruction.

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Everything you need

The Tesoro Membership allows on-demand access to all supplemental resources in our product catalog. Here are some of our most popular product lines that are included in the membership:

  • Simple Sentences Game Packs for High Frequency Vocab
  • Holiday lessons for Cinco de Mayo, Día de Muertos, & more!
  • Lecturas diarias: easy to read texts for language learners
  • Sub plans for planned and unplanned absences
  • Biographies written at multiple levels of text complexity
  • Authentic-resource based lessons for textbook themes
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Resources for Spanish classes

Tesoro Membership

One-Year Access Pass

Tesoro is a one-year subscription membership to a treasure chest of Spanish teaching resources. It is ideal for districts that want to provide their teachers with a maximum level of access and flexibility with minimal paperwork. Does NOT include Vamos, Somos, or Somos Flex Curriculum units, or El mundo en tus manos. 

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Differentiation made easy.

Every teacher and every class is different. A Tesoro membership allows teachers to access all supplemental lesson plans, activities, and resources in The Comprehensible Classroom's catalog. 

Whether you are looking for activities to support the needs and dynamics of a specific class or trying to find an activity that fits your teaching style while still supporting department goals, Tesoro can support you.

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