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New French materials!

December 8, 2015

Great news, French teachers! I have recently finished up a bunch of new French products with the help of several wonderful translators!! Let's start with the most basic and move on down the line...

First, Cecile Laine adapted the story "El secreto de Ramón" for French. Click here to read about how I used it in a beginning Spanish lesson, click here or on the image below to access the French adaptation, and click here to visit Cecile's amazing blog!

Click on image to download PDF that includes projectable reading, Flyswatter game, and reading handout

Click on image to access Unit 4 of the « Nous sommes » curriculum for French 1.

Next up...Unit 4 of my Level 1 curriculum; L'Université! The translation is finished and I posted it because so many teachers have been waiting for it, although there are still some minor edits that I will make today or tomorrow. This unit targets the structures 'wants to be', 'takes', and 'speaks/talks', and then uses the structures to help students learn about universities in various French speaking countries. Julia Ullman adapted the unit into French for me! You can see the other units that are available in French here.

And, finally...a bundle of substitute activities for French classes! There are enough materials for three days, and all of the plans are print-ready and do not require the sub to be able to speak French: yes!!

Click on image to download three days' worth of print-ready lesson plans!

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