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Assieds-toi ! FREE unit in French!

September 13, 2017

When I first started TPRSing, I posted my original materials on a 'for teachers' page on my class blog because I thought that was what teachers doing TPRS were supposed to do. I closed down that blog when I started this one, and every once in awhile I dig up its old bones to see if there is anything there that I want to resurrect. The resources that I shared there were not polished, not pretty, and not as complete as the ones that I share now. But even those un-pretty and incomplete resources found their way into the hands of other teachers, helping them to sustain CI instruction throughout a full school year and giving them ideas for their own classes. Even in the old blog days, I made connections with teachers that have since become my virtual colleagues and real-life friends.

I'm sharing this story with you today because Blair Richards recently blogged about how the CI world is unfair to (non-Spanish) teachers. Determined to be positive, she reframed her frustration and encouraged teachers to 'just do it'--if you've made something for your classes, put it out there for others! I want to echo Blair's exhortation. What I have found is that sharing your content serves as a magnet. Whether you share the link to a Google Doc with a typed out class story, a reading to accompany a MovieTalk, or a general outline of your lesson plans for a week in your class, someone is going to benefit from it. And if you remember to put your name and contact information on it, that someone will probably share with you what they did with what you shared--perhaps even how they expanded it! You will get connected to teachers that share your teaching style. Together, the possibilities are limitless! An example (in Spanish, sorry) is the recent unit that Arianne Dowd, Kara Jacobs, and Carrie Toth recently collaborated on. Even the most simple of materials or lessons have the potential to support and connect teachers of your target language. So DO IT!

As for me, well, Blair's post pushed my French adaptations to the top of my to-do list. Unit 6 of my SOMOS 1 curriculum is free, and Unit 6 of the Nous sommes was the next unit up for adaptation. Perfecto! I mean, Parfait ! Julia Ullman and MaryAnn Kowalski had already translated it, and it was just waiting for me to format and flush out. So by golly, I did it! With the additional help of editors Cécile Lainé and Alice Ayel, I give to you...Nous sommes Unit 6: Assieds-toi ! And while its Spanish counterpart contains just 4 days of materials, this one has lesson plans for SIX DAYS because I found a super fun version of « Tête épaules genoux orteils » that I could spin a second story out of!

French teachers, I hope that you love it! There are likely still some typos and errors since I published it before getting back final edits from my awesome French teacher team. I had so much fun working on it and it reminded me that output is a huge motivator for (at least some) students. I wrote the entire story, "La personne la plus bizarre du monde" and I translated the story about Michael on my own AND I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT! I felt so excited as I was writing and realized all of the things that I am able to say because of my French study--which recently includes watching a lot of Alice Ayel's stories on Youtube! (SUBSCRIBE! SUBSCRIBE!).


What have YOU been doing in class lately? Feel free to link content in the comments!

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