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Storybuilders for Intermediate Spanish | Set 2

Students make plot choices as they read these interactive stories!

Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
Google Drive

Storybuilder™ presentations are interactive Slides presentations in which students read and build a unique story by making choices in the text that determine the direction of the plot. Each story features a unique character, and every few slides the character faces a choice about how to proceed. The reader determines the actions of the main character and the outcome of the plot by choosing actions for them to take. Some of the endings are happy, and others... not so much!

This set features 4 Storybuilder™ presentations for Students in Level 2 and beyond that are comfortable reading multiple pages of text in Spanish. The ideal reader might be performing in the Intermediate range of Interpretive Reading within the classroom context, with familiar texts, but is likely still in the Novice-range in real world interpretive proficiency. These presentations are pulled from Units 8, 9, 10, and 13 of the Somos 2 Flex Curriculum for Intermediate Spanish. Each new story in numerical order spirals in a limited set of new vocabulary words, which supports the reader in understanding each story with ease. All stories are written in the past tense and include dialogue.

Each Storybuilder™ presentation is fully editable, and the teacher can eliminate or add more choices to the stories or change the Instructions slide in order to meet the needs of their students and to fit their school's norms. The presentations are designed to be shared with students via a Learning Management System and read in Present mode.

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  • This activity was awesome and worked extremely well!!

    Chris Jentz

Storybuilders for Intermediate Spanish | Set 2


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