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Esta es Farah Storybuilder PLUS ™

Interactive story stored in Google Forms, illustrated videos with audio, and printable stories

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF

This Storybuilder™ PLUS is an expanded version of one of our beloved Storybuilder™ stories! Brought to you through a partnership with Paulino Brener, this single resource can provide you with content for several days of lessons! Watch a preview here.

Title: Esta es Farah

This is the Forms Edition of the standard Storybuilderfrom Somos 1 Flex Unit 2. The Forms Edition is NOT included in the Flex unit or the original unit.

What is a Storybuilder™?

In a Storybuilder™, students are reading a story in which they are faced with choices throughout the plot that determine how the story unfolds. Depending on the choices they make, they could end up reading one of 45 possible versions of the story! Each story features a unique character, and every few slides the character faces a choice about how to proceed. The reader determines the actions of the main character and the outcome of the plot by choosing actions for them to take. Some of the endings are happy, and others... not so much!

Here's what makes the Storybuilder™ PLUS Forms Edition different than a standard Storybuilder™:

  1. Instead of clicking through an interactive Slides presentation, the story is housed in a Google Form. The choices in the story are multiple choice, and each selection moves students to a new section of the form.
  2. Once students reach the end of their version of the story, they get to read and listen to the story being read by a native speaker of Spanish in an embedded video that is specific to the version of the story that they just created.
  3. If the teacher chooses, the students are prompted to respond to a simple comprehension question about the story. This response is stored in a Sheet for the class; easy for the teacher to check at a glance!
  4. When the student clicks SUBMIT, their response is automatically sent to them via email. In the email that they receive, they can read through the story again and watch the video as many times as they want!
  5. Students can click "Submit another response" to read through a different version of the story before exiting the form altogether.

What else is included?

  1. Full stories: The full content of each version of the story, each in its own Google slides presentations. Each presentation is a complete version of one possible story from the Storybuilder™ PLUS, and the video version of the story is embedded in the last slide.
  2. More stories: There are more endings, and complete storylines, than provided in the original Storybuilder. Your students will love tracking down the new stories!
  3. Printable stories: This StorybuilderForm can be used to create 45 different stories, and we have provided EACH ONE as a printable worksheet with vocabulary support. Even better, we've provided a set of printable stories that ALSO includes QR code links to the videos for each story, so students can read and listen/watch at the same time!

The presentations are designed to be shared with students via a Learning Management System and read in Present mode. This product is not compatible with Microsoft Teams.


  • Both my online and on-site learners LOVED this resource. They really enjoy choose your own adventure stories and so they had a blast with this one. I personally loved how, at the end, students produce a story that has an extra little bit at the end, and it's a screenshot so they can't copy/paste it into Google Translate to understand what it was!!

    Rebekah H.
  • My 8th graders enjoyed this activity. We all liked the format and having the story presented as an audio provided yet another form of input that was based on student choice. Easy to use and great activity when I need some time "off".

    Kimberly H.
  • While the stories are great, the formatting leaves it to being rather clunky in practice. It takes a very long time to load for students and looking at their responses is overwhelming.

    Colleen B.
  • Puedes usar este recurso en múltiples historias y adaptar a otras historias de tu creación! Voy a ahorrar horas y horas de búsqueda de imágenes con este magnifico recurso!

    Rebeca A.
  • My students really enjoyed this, it was quiet in the room and everyone seemed engaged with this awesome activity. Saved me alot of work and instant results for the students. I love all of her products.

    Terri Z.
  • My students love this! It really helps them with completing the storybuilder asynchronously to have a native speaker reading their choices! Can't wait for more!

    Amy R.
  • Love the idea of this resource. The only thing I wish was different was not requiring a student email address for students to get the link to their story. My students are in middle school and most only have access to “email” through their Canvas account which doesn’t give them a standard email address. Not sure how to make this work without email addresses.

    Jill Anderson
  • My students like creating their own stories, but they hate it if I ask them to copy their story as they go. This is awesome because it will send them a copy of their story so they no longer have to write it down. Thank you!

    Tammie Nicole B.
  • The story builder activity boosted to the next level. This was great for interpersonal practice and collaboration.

    Brenda B.
  • Used during enrichment with students who wanted more practice; they enjoyed creating their own stories & look forward to doing something similar soon

    Jennifer H.

Esta es Farah Storybuilder PLUS ™


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