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The Unfair Game French c' est il y a les animaux 3969753 1

The Unfair Game® in French | il y a, c'est, les animaux

Ready-to-play game featuring different animals with the vocabulary "c'est", "il y a", "les animaux" and "grand/petit"

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
100 Pages
30 minutes

The game your students will love to hate! This ready-to-play Slides presentation consists of 25 game questions featuring different animals with the vocabulary "c'est", "il y a", and "grand/petit"--perfect for the first weeks of French!

The product is a PDF download that contains a clickable link to a Google Drive folder in which all materials are stored.

» Use this game after this discussion based lesson.

» Start working with the verb "il y a" after Nous sommes Unit 1: Dit (FREE!)

» Learn more about The Unfair Game® here!


  • I love this game so much. My students are very competitive and this game really engages them. I use it as a review or as a brain beak.

    Liliana P.
  • This was perfect to use after the cognate task cards. This resource was a lifesaver for this Spanish teacher who has to teach 6 weeks of French! Let´s get some resources in German now. Ha! Merci!

    Teach Outside the Book
  • This is a very engaging game and the students, who are very competitive, enjoyed showing off what they know! They ask to play this game often! Thank you!

    Mme Reed
  • I used this resource as a brain break in class. The students loved it but didn't expect it to really be an 'unfair' game! :))

    Ngozi O.
  • My students LOVED this game and it was hilarious to see their reactions and the fun it brought out. They asked to play again the next day. I will definitely be adding this game and idea to my repertoire.

    Becky D.

The Unfair Game® in French | il y a, c'est, les animaux


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