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The Unfair Game® in French | La fête de Thanksgiving

Ready-to-play game featuring facts about Thanksgiving in French!

Multi level
100 Pages

The game your students will love to hate! This ready-to-play game consists of 25 questions embedded in an interactive Slides presentation featuring questions about Thanksgiving in the USA - its history and facts about its celebration in modern times.

Learn more about The Unfair Game here!

As you display each question to your students, help them understand what it's asking! Contextualized answer choices for each question serve as an additional layer of comprehension support. Your class will play in two teams, and the interactive presentation will walk you through a series of decisions for teams to make on their turn to decide an answer choice and whether they want to keep or give away the points - before they even know if they are positive or negative! It's SO unfair!!

The 25 questions will be within reach of understanding for most Level 2 French classes, especially for students that are accustomed to reading and listening to communicative French in class.

This resource is a PDF download that contains a clickable link to a Drive folder. The Slideshow and detailed instructions are stored in the Drive folder!


  • These UNFAIR games are such fun! They can be used with all levels and I set it up so students must take turns and collaborate. For the lower levels I review vocabulary for the colors (for the different answer options), to the right and left, up high, and down low so students can help their teammate choose the best answer. I also have three "players" per round. One chooses the number, the next decides the answer, the third decides to keep or give away the points. 

    Cara O.
  • A great activity for the day before Thanksgiving! 

    Shelah M.
  • My kids found it engaging (they like the unfair game). I do wonder what made you use the term Thanksgiving rather than Action de Grace? Otherwise wonderful

    Melanie Tupaj

The Unfair Game® in French | La fête de Thanksgiving


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