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The Unfair Game® in French | Le Mois de la Francophonie

Ready-to-play game featuring "Le Mois De La Francophonie".

Multi level
100 Pages
45 minutes

Get to know the Francophone world!

This product features a one-page informational text about Le mois de la Francophonie and l'Organisation internationale de la Francophonie. The text is written in easy to understand French supported with footnotes. The reading is accompanied by a one-page worksheet with true/false questions in French. This product also comes with the Unfair Game®, ready to play! The Unfair Game® features questions about various Francophone nations. Students are NOT expected to know the answers ahead of time (in fact, they probably WON'T know them!). They will guess an answer, and then they will learn about Francophone nations as the correct answers are revealed. It's so unfair

Teachers can choose to introduce the topic by sharing the text with their students first, or they can play The Unfair Game® first and use the text as reinforcement for the information learned while playing the game.

Learn more about The Unfair Game here!

This resource is a PDF download that contains a clickable link to a Drive folder. The Slideshow and detailed instructions are stored in the Drive folder!


  • This Unfair Game is a great way to introduce culture for all levels! Students love to play these games and they get so engaged in the game. I really liked the reading and quiz included with the game!!!

    Cara O.
  • This was a fun and visually engaging game to play with the kids! You can definitely play it after Francophone month, too!

    Linda S.
  • My students love playing the Unfair Game, and this was a great way to incorporate culture and geography into the lesson. I appreciated that the game came with a text and comprehension questions, so my students had an opportunity to review the information before playing the game.

    Holley F.
  • A great, straightforward reading about l'OIF that was accessible to all of my students in levels 1 and 2. My students always love the Unfair Game and get really into it. Appreciate the no-prep resource!

    Mary P.

The Unfair Game® in French | Le Mois de la Francophonie


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