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El mundo en tus manos

Current events written for language learners at three levels of text complexity

News your students can understand

Since 2016, Spanish students have been able to follow the top stories from the Spanish-speaking world in El mundo en tus manos. Each week, our team highlights interesting and important current events using language that learners can understand.

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El mundo en tus manos provides comprehensible news summaries from Spanish speaking communities to students.

Every two weeks, we select five relevant news stories and summarize them in three different levels of text complexity. We make it easy to use this resource in all levels of Spanish!

I LOVE THESE ARTICLES!! They are all very engaging and are great to use in so many ways in my class. They really help my students with their reading skills and also are great authentic resources!

Kimberly S.

Comprehensible Classroom creates excellent resources here for covering current events. I appreciate that their are multiple levels each week so you can truly utilize these articles in all your levels, and there are accompanying activities as well. I use these routinely with heritage learners at the middle school level and in regular Spanish classes at the high school level.

Zoe Witzeling

I can't say enough about El Mundo en Tus Manos- my students and I love it! I'm looking forward to diving into timely culture again this year!

Alyssa L.

This is my favorite resource for weekly reading about current events. I love that there are now (in the past few years) activities to go along with the news stories. I will let this be a once-a-week reading activity... so we will focus on a couple of articles one week and the others the next.


Ruth Stimart

Have used these news articles every year with all levels of classes to help students learn about current events around the world.

Jennifer H.

My students eat these up! Love the links to the authentic resources too!

Kate Chan

I always buy this resource for my heritage students that are mixed in my regular classes. Thanks for creating it!

Vero Cross

I love this resource! I can use it in so many ways. It is good for current events, fvr, choice reading and as a supplement to the thematic units my school uses.

Leigh M.

Love the tiered reading for my students. They enjoyed reading these articles and discussing what they learned and their opinions about the articles. This was also a great supplement to my FVR.

Ada M.

I love to use EMETM when I know that I will not be in the classroom. Students read articles, and the next day we have discussions that reveal how much they understood. It's also a great way to keep reminding them about all of the happenings around the world that they never hear about otherwise.

Amy B.

This is an excellent resource to use in the classroom and have students discuss and be aware of Spanish Speaking Countries current events. Very informative and the articles and activities are engaging.

Ana V.

This is such a great resource. It is so important to keep up to date with world news and to do it in Spanish is such an asset. My students are able to read and understand using the vocabulary provided. The worksheets are great as well.

Liliana P.

As always, great resource for the Spanish classroom. I teach Heritage and Native Spanish speakers, and it provides a wonderful opportunity to highlight and discuss current events relevant to the Spanish Speaking World.

Leonor B.

I love this resource for many reasons. My top two reasons are: 1. It is a comprehensive reading activity. Because it is leveled, I can use it with all my students Spanish 1-AP. 2. It is typically high interest, relevant and fun.

Lisa H.

This is my go to "newspaper" for students to read about current events. I love that it's in different levels. Gracias.

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Stories that make sense

Making a news story understandable to language learners is a complex process. We do the work for you, making it easy to incorporate current events into your language classes.

  • Articles are written with a limited vocabulary range, using high-frequency terms that your students are likely to understand.
  • No assumptions made! We summarize relevant background information on news stories so that they make sense to your students.
  • Each of the three versions takes into account sentence length and structure to create a level-appropriate text.
  • Additional details are included in each version of the article, carefully scaffolding available information about the new story.

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