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Spanish A Final Exam

May 15, 2012

Click on image to access Spanish A final

This is the final exam that my Spanish A students took today: Spanish A Final Exam 2012

I am not proud of it because it isn't particularly academic--there is no cultural/real aspect to it--but it was somewhat student generated, which I think is a good thing. Both reading sections were free writes written by students in my classes. It includes a good range of vocabulary and structures that we have studied throughout the year, but not great. I did not include a speaking portion to the exam because our technology has been collected/cleaned/locked up, and the speaking cards worked well and have already given me an accurate read on each student's speaking abilities.

Some examples of finals of which I am more pleased are my Alma Spanish II midterm, Leyenda del espantapájaros Spanish II final, and Llorona Spanish II final. I need to sit down and find a film or cultural topic that works for Spanish I! Someday...

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