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Simplified Reading + Activities in Past and Present Tenses
Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)

Present the legend of La Llorona to your beginning language students with this ultra-simplified reading. Each sentence is written on a new line in order to maximize processing, and a complete glossary for each page is included in the margin.


  • Printable reading: "La leyenda de La Llorona"
  • Sentence building reading activity
  • Sequencing activity
  • Suggested sequences for instruction
  • Answer keys


Two versions of all materials (reading, sentence building, sequencing) are included: one in present tense and one in past tense.


Students that are accustomed to reading stories in Spanish should be able to understand this in the second semester of Spanish 1 or at the beginning of Spanish 2, depending on course structure and content. Teachers using the SOMOS Curriculum might like to use this legend after SOMOS 1 Unit 13 (hombre/mujer/piensa), but it could be shared with reasonable ease after SOMOS 1 Unit 9 (along with the legends of the Cucuy and el Silbón).

La Llorona


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