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COCO Favorite Scenes in Spanish

A voting bracket to determine the favorite scene of the class.

Multi level

COCO has captured our hearts, and if you are anything like me--you can't wait to share it with your students!

This product features 12 scene descriptions in easy to understand Spanish that are set up in a March Madness style bracket. Students will complete a different activity with the scenes that progress through three rounds of voting. In the first round, the class reads together the scene descriptions then has the option of completing a quick comprehension activity before re-watching the scene. In the second round, students play six rounds of Strip/Rip BINGO with the scenes that made it through the first round of voting (word cloud banks and BINGO strips are included). In the final round, teachers can choose to simply vote or to complete one of three suggested activities with the finalist scenes. The product includes:

  • An interactive bracket slideshow with 12 scene descriptions and comprehension questions
  • An optional worksheet for students to illustrate, describe, and react to each of the 12 scenes (can be used as part of this activity, during the initial viewing of the movie, or reserved for absent students)
  • Word clouds for each of the 12 scene descriptions
  • Detailed lesson plans and activity descriptions

You can complete this over the course of 2-3 days (45 minute class periods), or you could do one or two pairings each day at the beginning of class over the course of two weeks.

This is the fourth pack of Comprehensible Classroom activities for COCO. This set of materials is intended to be used after the class has watched the entire film.



  • This was a great resource and I was able to use it while I was sick and my students were in person learning. It held them accountable and was a great way to end the movie. 

    Senora Ziegler
  • So many great options to use after watching the movie to make this a great cultural experience!

    Stress Less Señorita
  • Great resource! My students loved the movie and this packet was a great extension lesson for the movie. 

    Sherri Davis
  • My students always want to watch Coco, and this provided a way to actually get some language input out of the movie.

    Pamela L.
  • The students loved it! You can use parts or all of it and it was a fun way to review the movie.

    Sarah S.

COCO Favorite Scenes in Spanish


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