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El que sabe, sabe | Los animales

A whole-class game that is played in teams to learn facts about animals - all in Spanish! 

Multi level

Use this whole-class game, played in teams, to introduce your students to facts and figures about animals - all in Spanish.

This product includes 32 question cards, projectable questions, and detailed instructions to play "El que sabe, sabe" – a game of numbers and wagers that was developed by Nelly Hughes – in Spanish classes. This game is played for a pre-determined amount of time (15-30 minutes recommended), getting through as many questions as time allows. The only supplies needed are printed game cards, a different colored dry erase marker for each team, and a personal-sized white board for each team.

The resource is a PDF download that links to a Google Drive folder that contains all of the materials.


  • This is a game that the students enjoy and it's really a great way to introduce them to new concepts.

    Tracy D.
  • My students are so competitive, and this fits the bill for a fairly quick game. I figured out how to do it with Jamboard, so that makes it even that much easier.

    Amy P.
  • I've been doing a Game Friday. Our classes are 85 minute blocks so try to have a little fun on Friday. Students really enjoy the game and practicing numbers

    Bethany Pflug
  • Will use this with Spanish 1 this year. I love that slideshows are included with the more recent "El que sabe, sabe" games.

    Melissa B.
  • I've been doing about 5 questions each time we play and the students love it. I appreciate the opportunity to discuss numbers in an authentic context. One of the best resources I've ever purchased from TPT. Gracias!

    Lauren P.

El que sabe, sabe | Los animales


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