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El que sabe, sabe: El Día de Acción de Gracias

A guessing game about numbers related to Thanksgiving facts

Multi level

Use this whole-class game, played in teams, to introduce your students to facts and figures about Thanksgiving - all in Spanish.

This product includes 32 question cards, projectable questions, and detailed instructions to play "El que sabe, sabe" – a game of numbers and wagers that was developed by Nelly Hughes – in Spanish classes. This game is played for a pre-determined amount of time (15-30 minutes recommended), getting through as many questions as time allows. The only supplies needed are printed game cards, a different colored dry erase marker for each team, and a personal-sized white board for each team.

The resource is a PDF download that links to a Google Drive folder that contains all of the materials.


  • Along with the Unfair Game, this is one of my students' favorite games! We played this during the last class period before Thanksgiving break, and my students had a blast!

    Proficiency and Paletas
  • I used this in a Spanish immersion 3/4 class (so students who are fluent in Spanish), and it was a lot of fun. I did have to look ahead and give hints occasionally for the ranges of the numbers. With younger students, they sometimes needed a hint, but overall a GREAT and very engaging resource.

    Amanda M.
  • My students love these games. I enjoy playing with them on days before breaks. Gives my students something to look forward to and adds in a sneaky way to practice Spanish in class. Both my competitive and non-competitive students enjoy this game, which makes it that much more of a great resource. Thanks!

    Srta Burger
  • Used this for high school Spanish 1 and Spanish 2. It was a great game to play the day before Thanksgiving!

    Melissa B.
  • I used El Que Sabe, Sabe with my 6th and 7th graders since I used the No Es Justo game with my 8th graders. This game is also very engaging. The students enjoying learning while playing.

    Rocio R.

El que sabe, sabe: El Día de Acción de Gracias


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