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El que sabe, sabe | El cinco de mayo

A whole-class game that is played in teams to learn facts about Cinco de mayo - all in Spanish! 

Multi level
Google Drive, PDF
12 Pages

Use this whole-class game, played in teams, to introduce your students to facts and figures about el Cinco de Mayo.

This product includes 32 question cards, projectable question slides, and detailed instructions to play "El que sabe, sabe" – a game of numbers and wagers – in Spanish classes. This game, which was created by Nelly Andrade-Hughes, is played for a pre-determined amount of time (15-45 minutes recommended), getting through as many questions as time allows. The only supplies needed are printed game cards, a different colored dry erase marker for each team, and a personal-sized white board for each team.


  • My students LOVE playing this game. I love it because although it is a game, students do not get too crazy because they have to keep guessing answers for their team but also pay attention to what other teams write for answers so they can earn more points. In other words, they stay busy and engaged.

    Alexandra T.
  • My students absolutely LOVED this game! We set a timer for 30 minutes, but they begged to keep playing and we played the entire 85 minute block! 

    Kim D.
  • My students love this game! It usually does lead to a heated competition. I always go through the slides first and choose the questions that are best fit for my students. I teach 50 minute classes so we only get through about 10 questions per class. 

    Jenny P.
  • Any version of El que sabe, sabe is worth the money! Students find it engaging and the stress free because they aren't supposed to have learned most of the information in a particular lesson. It's good team building for the classroom.

    Kristen L.
  • My students LOVE this game! I like how any team can win, too. Learning fun facts while also staying in the target language is so important.

    Emily T.

El que sabe, sabe | El cinco de mayo


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