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The Unfair Game® in Spanish | El Calendario

Ready-to-play game featuring vocabulary about the calendar, months, seasons and more!

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2)
152 Pages
1 hour

The game your students will love to hate! This ready-to-play game consists of 25 questions embedded in an interactive Slides presentation featuring questions about the calendar - months, seasons, and more!

Learn more about The Unfair Game here!

As you display each question to your students, help them understand what it's asking! Contextualized answer choices for each question serve as an additional layer of comprehension support. Your class will play in two teams, and the interactive presentation will walk you through a series of decisions for teams to make on their turn to decide an answer choice and whether they want to keep or give away the points - before they even know if they are positive or negative! It's SO unfair!!

The 25 questions will be within reach of understanding for Level 1+ Spanish classes. Your students will likely already know the answers to most questions (such as, how many months are in a year?), so the fun of the game will come in finding out point value (positive or negative!) when they get an answer correct.

This resource is a PDF download that contains a clickable link to a Drive folder. The Slideshow and detailed instructions are stored in the Drive folder!


  • Whoever created these games is a genius! This particular game was a great review for my more advanced students and a great introduction to the calendar for beginning students and a TON of fun.

    Lisa H.
  • This is one of my favorite games to play in class and this resource is an excellent way to complete my unit on el Caledario!

    Catherine T.
  • My super competitive students love to hate this game! It is a great way to level the playing field to so that the same students don't always win. Another great way to introduce or review material with a twist.

    Alexandra T.
  • The unfair game is so amazing and this is a great way to introduce them to basic calendar vocabulary. Thank you for providing such an awesome resource! 

    Tracy D.
  • This game is great for all levels of Spanish. I used it when I needed to gamify a day- the questions about the northern and southern hemispheres and the Gregorian calendar allowed me to teach the kids new things during the review. I used this with my novice low through 1B classes.

    Blakely S.

The Unfair Game® in Spanish | El Calendario


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