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Ready-to-play game featuring facts about Colombian culture!

Multi level
Google Drive
152 Pages
1 class period

The Unfair Game is the game your students will love to hate! This ready-to-play game consists of 25 questions embedded in an interactive Slides presentation featuring questions about Colombian culture that connect to the film Encanto.

Learn more about The Unfair Game here!


  • La cultura de Colombia - The Unfair Game in Spanish (Interactive Slides presentation)
  • Magical Colombia - The Unfair Game in English (Interactive Slides presentation)
  • Instructions
  • Post-play worksheets - two worksheets to organize learning. Spanish and English versions are provided, and print-ready PDFs and interactive digital assignments in Slides are provided for each, as well as answer keys.

This resource is a PDF download that contains a clickable link to a Drive folder. The Slideshow and detailed instructions are stored in the Drive folder!


This game is designed to introduce students to cultural information about Colombia. Play this game before watching the film Encanto. Then, see if they can identify the cultural aspects that they learned about as they watch the movie!

Although the questions are asking students about cultural facts, this game is intended to be an opportunity to learn the information. Remember–it's unfair! You will be asking students questions about information that they likely don't know. Teams will make their best guess, and they will learn information as the correct answers are revealed. Use the post-play worksheets to help students organize their learning!


Your class will play in two or more teams, and the interactive presentation will walk you through a series of decisions for teams to make on their turn to decide an answer choice and whether they want to keep or give away the points - before they even know if they are positive or negative! It's SO unfair!!

Learn more about The Unfair Game here!


As you display each question to your students, help them understand what it's asking! Contextualized answer choices for each question serve as an additional layer of comprehension support. The 25 questions will be within reach of understanding for Level 1+ Spanish classes that are accustomed to interpreting the target language.

If you do not teach Spanish or if you are using this resource in an exploratory class with limited interpretive ability, use the English version of the game and worksheets that is provided.

DISCLAIMER: None of the questions in this product is about the movie: all content is focused on cultural information about Colombia. This product does not reference or make use of characters, plot, images, or other trademarks, copyrights, or intellectual property related to the movie Encanto.


  • I loved this version to use with students unfamiliar with the game. We watched Encanto and it fit perfectly with the culture we were talking about. The students loved the fact that the people who "normally" win the games didn't necessarily win this one.

    Caitlin Sanford
  • Really appreciate having these grab-n-go activities to use with students. Unfair game is always a riot, and always unfair LOL

    Lynn H.
  • I used this on a teacher PD day to show an example of who the game is played, since my version I usually use was only in Spanish. They very much enjoyed the game.

    Sarah Allen
  • The unfair game is super fun!! The students were super engaged and they love the competition and the unknown of this game!

    Kathe Hart
  • I had heard of but never played the unfair game in my classes. What a hit this was! And it was perfect for introducing some culture before watching the movie Encanto. Will definitely be using this one every year!

    Natalie G.

The Unfair Game® | Colombia


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