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Cinco de Mayo | Readings and activities for Spanish class

Cinco de Mayo lesson plans with authentic resources

Beginner (Level 1), Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
80 Pages
4 days

Ready to teach the REAL history of Cinco de Mayo to your students? These Cinco de Mayo lesson plans for Spanish classes combine authentic resources with Spanish language texts written for language learners, providing you with everything that you need to tackle this misunderstood holiday with your Spanish students.


This 80-page/slide, Spanish-language cultural unit is designed for Spanish 1 students and beyond to learn about the history and traditions of Cinco de Mayo in Mexico and the US. There are enough activities for 4-5 class days.


  • Pre-reading discussion questions
  • A Level 1+ reading in Spanish about the history of Cinco de Mayo (Need something even more simple? Check out this text.)
  • A Level 2+ reading in Spanish about the history of Cinco de Mayo
  • Comprehension questions for each reading
  • A coloring glyph with questions in Spanish to be used after reading
  • Two video viewing activity descriptions with viewing guides
  • An infographic interpretation activities with Q&A form and discussion questions
  • A reading in Spanish about four common elements of Cinco de Mayo celebrations and activity suggestions for each element
  • A post-reading review game (with questions in Spanish)
  • Projectable song lyrics
  • Projectable versions of the readings and game questions (Google Slides)
  • Detailed lesson plans
  • Answer keys
  • Suggestions for additional activities, including an in-class Cinco de Mayo celebration

This product is a PDF download that contains a clickable link to all resources.


  • I really enjoyed using this resource with my students as we celebrated Cinco de Mayo. It was easy to use and my students enjoyed it, too! 

    Julie B.
  • This is a very good resource with a lot of reading and activity options. I like the option to have a word bank or not on the reading. It was a little challenging for my fifth graders, but that's on me because it is targeted for 6th+.

    La Profesora Lista
  • I am always looking for reading materials for my students that are engaging and appropriate for their level. This was great for that! 

    Danielle A.
  • This was a great resource to teach my students about Cinco de Mayo. I appreciate the options for different levels so that I can select what is best for my students.

    Ashley R.
  • There is a lot here so my students can review and do more this spring. I liked having the different levels of reading. There is a lot of value here and will help students better understand Cinco de Mayo.

    Kathy R.

Cinco de Mayo | Readings and activities for Spanish class


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