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Diario de gratitud | Gratitude journal in Spanish

A resource to help students journal their gratitude over 14 days

Multi level
11 Pages
2 weeks

Create a culture of gratitude in your Spanish class!

Print and copy one, 14-page journal for each of your students OR assign a digital version via Slides!. Start class each day in November talking about what you are grateful for! Each day focuses on a different kind of thing to be grateful for; for example:

  • a person
  • a place
  • a color
  • a memory
  • an activity

Students illustrate their response to the prompt, then they answer some simple questions (in Spanish) to reflect on it further. We recommend using it as a discussion prompt for the beginning of each class day in November!

Alternatively, the pages can be printed single-sided and distributed as half-page, single copies– perfect if you only have time to do this activity once or twice during the month!

Also includes digital version of each journal page!

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BONUS: In addition to the journal pages, which can be used in any school setting, I have included six coloring pages for Christian school settings. This idea came from a friend that teaches in a Christian homeschool Co-op. In addition to the gratitude prompt, each coloring page also includes Psalms 107:1 and a comprehension activity for the verse.


  • Great resource! My students enjoyed choosing one thing to be thankful for each day. The writing tasks are broken down in a way that is comprehensible. Gracias!

    The Spanish Saylor
  • I have used this for the past two years before Thanksgiving. I enjoy learning about kids and what they are thankful for and get to know them better. 

    Katherine N.
  • I actually used this at the end of the semester and told the students to write about the various topics using one vocabulary word they had learned that semester. It was fun and rewarding to see how they described our semester together and what stood out to them. 

    Michelle R.
  • This resource provided my students a great format for daily writing and thinking in Spanish about a variety of daily topics. I really like that the kids were encouraged to think about gratitude. 

    Amanda B.
  • Those few days before Thanksgiving always seem a little hectic, so these saved me. I modified the lesson somewhat to just have a stack of these pages printed that students could choose from to fill out (rather than doing one a day). That kept them busy for the entire class period, and then we hung them up on our wall after to show off all our gratitude! It was great as both a language activity and a classroom culture builder. 

    Andrea N.

Diario de gratitud | Gratitude journal in Spanish


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