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Preguntas locas | 75 wacky chat questions

75 random questions to discuss in class!

Multi level
80 Pages


You've connected with your students through Special Person Interviews and you're up-to-date on their lives, thanks to Weekend Chat... but that's all seeming a bit...boring.

Time for WACKY CHAT!

Use these 75+ projectable question slides (written in Spanish) to get to know your students' wacky side! With so many questions, there are plenty to pick and choose from to meet the needs of any of your levels of Spanish! Many slides also contain sentence starters for framing responses.

The product includes a Slides-compatible presentation in Google Slides and PDF formats.


  • This set of questions is wonderful. I really like the variety of tenses and the interesting topics. I choose certain slides to include in my lessons that will pertain to either the tense or topic that we are studying. Everything about these questions is fun and educational!

    Kendra K.
  • This was and will be, as I will continue to use it, a great resource for my students to reinforce the topics learned.

    Amanda S.
  • A picky kid commented that this was a really useful activity! (I shared the slides with them in Google Classroom and they paired up to practice speaking). It was a painless way to practice speaking with the sentence stems, offered lots of choices and visual supports, and the right amount of challenge. If it pleases said student, A+

    Janna S.
  • I used this in class to review for the final exam. For a month before the exam, we used 5 of these questions during class. It was a tremendous way to review a variety of tenses! Some of these questions sparked some great, friendly discussions. There are numerous topics, so it did get stale. It was also something that the students reminded me if I did not immediately put the questions up. We thoroughly enjoyed this and I very much look forward to using this again.

    Kathleen H.
  • This is FUN! I wanted something to start class from time to time, just to get them talking and it works! They find the crazy questions amusing and I love that they are speaking to each other in Spanish. Thank you so much!

    Ella Campos

Preguntas locas | 75 wacky chat questions


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