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Digital Check-in | Spanish

Daily check-in slides to use in Spanish Class

Multi level
Google Drive

Give your students the chance to tell you how they are doing each day through this Input-based Daily Check-in!

This resource is a Google Slides™ file that contains a series of Question and Answer prompts for students to complete each day. Each question slide includes an Answer Bank so that students do not have to come up with their responses on their own– they simply drag the appropriate icon into place and/or re-type the text that matches their response.


  • Teacher instructions (delete after reading!)
  • Message from the teacher (edit each day before sending)
  • Student instructions slide
  • What is today's date? (interactive student slide)
  • Did you sleep well? (interactive student slide)
  • What's the weather like today? (interactive student slide)
  • What plans do you have for today? (interactive student slide)
  • Positive affirmation (interactive student slide)
  • Positive message from the teacher (edit each day before sending)
  • Do you want the teacher to call you? (interactive student slide)
  • Goodbye message (edit each day before sending)

Distance Learning Resources:

  • I still use this in face to face learning. I like how I can incorporate it into my already prepared lessons and students get to interact with it.

    Stephanie Kelley
  • I use these ALL THE TIME and love the time it saved me in creating my own. Engaging and support target language use. Thank you!

    Melanie Wilson
  • I bought this resource this morning and was able to use it almost immediately with all of my classes (levels 1-3). It's helpful that it's editable because I could make adjustments for each of the groups. Using this check in with my live classes livened up the conversation and gave us something to talk about. I loved that this gave students a substantial bank of words so they were able to start talking immediately. Great resource and I highly recommend it. The wonderful thing I that I can use the exact same thing to start class tomorrow.

    Mary C.
  • I use these daily check-ins as a way to connect with my students beyond the content! They love being able to connect in ways that may be less stressful for them to communicate!

    Alita G.
  • I use a variation of this for in-person classes, and if we were to go hybrid or fully virtual, I think this would be a great check-in tool to use for my students in all of my classes.

    Arelle H.

Digital Check-in | Spanish


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