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Mexican Independence Day plans for Spanish class & El grito de Dolores + DIGITAL

3-day lesson plans to learn about and celebrate Mexican Independence Day!

Novice (Levels 1-2)
10 Pages

Celebrate Mexican Independence Day with this 3-day mini-unit on the 'Grito de Dolores'!


  1. A Spanish language reading about the history and modern-day celebration of El Grito de Dolores that is comprehensible for some first year Spanish students (depending on when your school year starts), but definitely for students at the beginning of their second year of language study
  2. A suggested video clip with teacher script in Spanish for the bicentennial celebration in 2010
  3. A writing activity in which students create their own "Grito" for a group to which they belong (country, family, town, school, club/organization, etc.)
  4. A song lyrics activity and reading for the song "México lindo y querido' as well
  5. Suggested lesson plans
  6. Projectable slides
  7. DIGITAL-READY Slides versions of each student activity!

Hispanic Heritage Month-related activities from The Comprehensible Classroom:

Consider expanding the lesson by teaching students about Hispanic Heritage Month and all of the other countries that celebrate their independence in the 30 day span from September 15 to October 15.

  • Great information. We included a video of the annual Grito and students created their own grito and we displayed them in our hallways.

    Alissa S.
  • I love this resource and use it regularly. It is well put together and informative. This is a great creator.

    Margaret E.
  • My students love comparing their celebrations with celebrations in other countries. I also have lots of students of Mexican heritage so this is a great resource for comparisons and representation. 

    Elizabeth B.
  • My students enjoyed learning about El Grito de Dolores. Kept them intrigued. 

    Maria Carmen G.
  • Great resource to further comprehension. Very well organized. Thank you

    Michelle G.

Mexican Independence Day plans for Spanish class & El grito de Dolores + DIGITAL


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