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El juramento a la bandera

Learn the Pledge in Spanish for Hispanic Heritage Month

Advanced (Levels 4-AP), Intermediate (Levels 2-4), Novice (Levels 1-2)
Google Drive, PDF
21 Pages

This Scaffolded Literacy presentation is intended to teach the Juramento a la bandera to your students in Spanish--a perfect activity for Hispanic Heritage Month!

The presentation includes a brief history of the author (Edward Bellamy), then works through each line of the pledge--analyzing its purpose and asking questions to dig deeper. Finally, it compares the US Pledge to the Juramento a la bandera de México and presents students with a guided writing assignment to write their own Pledge to someone or something, modeled after the Pledge of Allegiance.

A detailed teacher's script is included that contains additional information about each slide and further reflection questions.


  • Piensas en todo y nos haces la vida mas fácil. Gracias!

    Purificación G.
  • Great addition to my HHM resources!

    Carrie Gomora
  • Great info. Students were interested in the comparison.

    Carissa N.
  • This helped students connect with others.

    Michelle H.
  • This is a really great resource! It sparked a lot of great, meaningful conversation about our country, our beliefs, our values, etc. It was a little hard for them to say what all they wanted to in the target language, but we were still able to have a really great conversation. As always, the lesson plans are very detailed and makes it very easy to use.

    Andrea M.

El juramento a la bandera


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