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Famous Hispanics Grudgeball game

A whole class game that build community focusing on famous Hispanics. 

Novice (Levels 1-2), Intermediate (Levels 2-4)
80 Pages

Do not purchase this file if you use the Solar System unit from The Comprehensible Classroom, as it is included in that unit: SOMOS Unit 26: El sistema solar

This game will introduce your students to 9 famous Hispanic people from diverse career fields (Lionel Messi, Shakira, José Mujica, Rigoberta Menchú, Pope Francis, Sofía Mulánovich, Tommy Torres, and Franklin Chang Díaz). The information about each person is presented to students in Spanish and in question form, so that students have to guess the answer to each question about the people before the correct answer is revealed. Perfect for late Spanish 1 or early Spanish 2, it focuses on the phrases "fue el primer(o)", "fue el último", "su propio", and "nació". A vocabulary introduction activity is included to establish meaning for and familiarize your students with those terms. Detailed instructions for Grudgeball are included in addition to the 77 page slideshow in PDF and PPT formats. Lesson plans are also included.


  • Great way of introducing culture with target language!

    Salome D.
  • So fun! My students loved playing this! Great mix of people!!!!!

    Christianna C.
  • I was unsure about trying out this game, but all my classes love it! The PPT is easy to edit and makes the game prep for other topics pretty easy. I will be keeping this one in rotation!

    Erika Rellstab
  • Another amazing, time-saving resource. My students are going to LOVE this. 

    Puentes to CI
  • Love playing Grudge Ball for a change of pace!

    Jennifer G.

Famous Hispanics Grudgeball game


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