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13 Graphic Organizers

Digital + Printable Versions in Spanish, English, & Blank
Spanish, English (ELL/ESL/ELD), Not language specific
Multi level
Google Drive, PDF
33 Pages

Use this set of Graphic Organizers to help your students organize their thinking or demonstrate comprehension of narrative and informational texts and topics!

All graphic organizers are  provided as Printable PDFs with headings in Spanish and English. A blank PDF (with no text-graphics only) is also included for each graphic organizer, with no headings.


Each graphic organizer in this set is provided as a Google Slides document that is ready to share with students as a digital assignment, complete with text boxes for students to fill in! The organizers are ready-to-go in English or Spanish, or you can edit the text into any language you want! Simply delete the Slides that you don't want students to see, and share the remaining Slide containing the Graphic Organizer with students via your Learning Management System.

Graphic Organizers Included:

  • Timeline (5 events)
  • Story map (characters, problem, 3 events, summary)
  • Story map with icons (characters, setting, problem, solution)
  • Story summary (someone/wanted/but/then/afterward)
  • Story sequence (4 events)
  • Story mountain
  • 1 main idea + supporting details
  • 3 main ideas + supporting details
  • 4 causes + effects
  • KWL chart
  • Opinion + 4 reasons
  • Detail funnel (main ideas/supporting ideas/interesting details)
  • In their shoes (analyzing character's thoughts/actions/words/etc.)
  • I use one of these organizers almost every time we read something in class. There are a variety of organizers to suit almost any need. The amount of time this resource has saved me is unbelievable. Worth every penny.

    Duncan P.
  • These graphics help students who have trouble processing language to visualize concepts and ideas to help them acquire the language and engage in the topic with confidence. I appreciate that there are Spanish and English versions, as well as an editable one for each.

    Christina T.
  • These are the perfect graphic organizers to use with our novels. They force the students to write in the language, but also makes them think of different aspects of the chapter we are reading. I like to change these up, while still focusing on reading and writing comprehension.

    Twin Valley High
  • I am in such a habit of using these graphic organizers. They help me in every way, especially with reading comprehension.

    Sarah M.
  • Thank you for such fantastic anchor charts. I work with new ELL learners and it's a great way to explain concepts.

    Jacqueline L.

13 Graphic Organizers


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